GEST S.r.l.

Mechanical systems

Conditioning, heating, water-sanitary and fire protection


Passion since 1991...

Founded as a company devoted to the installation of air conditioning, heating, water-sanitary and fire protection systems, Gest s.r.l. today offers technologically advanced solutions ranging from integrated design to the construction and operation of mechanical systems through the efficient use of energy.
Special attention is paid to regulatory safety aspects, as well as energy efficiency, ensuring in this sense a timely and up-to-date advice on any problematic plant.
The offer is completed with an internal maintenance and assistance service guaranteed by qualified technicians able to operate throughout the territory. We offer a service of availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to perfect a constant monitoring of all the plants under management. Where necessary we are able to provide fixed and / or third responsible services.

Objective: Quality

Passion and constant search for improvement are the principles on which we are organized.
The experience gained by our staff has as its objective the quality and customer satisfaction.

Operating protocol

The technical staff, qualified for specific sectors, has high quality and updating standards: starting from the preliminary contact with the customer and the study of the individual needs, we move on to the formulation of practical, efficient and competitive solutions. The construction of the system is taken care step by step up to start up and testing.